Cancer Defeated Newsletter

Who’d have Thought
You Could Get Fired for Telling
People to Eat Healthy?

We’ve often told our readers that a doctor can lose his license for recommending alternative cancer treatments, or virtually any natural treatment. I personally know of at least four cases of doctors who were arrested and tried for practicing natural medicine in the United States.

One went to jail, one saw his internationally famous clinic closed down, and two of them got off after spending a huge amount of money on legal bills. And I know a fifth doctor who was not arrested but was hauled before his medical board and had his license taken away.

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More Evidence that Chemo
Makes Cancer Worse

What if the very thing the big-money-medical system developed to stop cancer is actually the thing that fuels its growth?

It’s mind-boggling but true: New bombshell evidence from the prestigious science journal Nature Medicine in the U.K. shows that chemotherapy is not just ineffective, but very likely causes cancer cells to grow and spread. This news is a catastrophe for cancer patients who rely on conventional treatments…

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